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Touch systems from INOVIS:

Whilst touchscreens were once really expensive and not so well-developed technically, nowadays you find these alternative input devices in many areas. Whether as a human machine interface (HMI), in digital signage or as an automation control system, the applications where touchscreens can be used knows virtually no limits. As a specialist in this sector, INOVIS offers a wide variety of technologies, suitable even for outlandish requests.

Touch foils:

With INOVIS touchscreen foils, which have only become available recently, you can retrofit any monitor and any surface with a touch-sensitive foil. For example, one possible application is behind a shop window: potential customers can use the vandalproof display window like a touchscreen from outside. These foils are available from 30" to 119". 
Dual-touch and multi-touch
With the native support of multi-touch, Windows 7 makes the use of this technology much simpler. Users can make an entry using two fingers or more. This makes possible a completely new way of operating a computer. We offer this technology based on infra-red (IR), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), capacitive and resistive sensors.

ELO touch alternatives:

ELO touchscreens are amongst the best technically and in terms of quality. INOVIS can offer cost-effective alternatives with compatible, technically comparable but more attractively priced controllers and sensors. For example a 19" resistive touch, 5-wire including USB controller for less than CHF 180.-. Please do not hesitate to ask us about other sizes. 


Scarcely bigger than a cigarette packet, the Fit-PC2 offers all the features you would expect to find in a conventional computer. With only 8 watts' power consumption at full load, it is extremely energy-saving and therefore operates without a fan at all. This computer can be supplied with a 160 GB hard disk or as a barebone system. Depending on requirements, it comes with either Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP pre-installed. The smallest version, the "Fit-PC C1100", costs just CHF 366.-. Thanks to its properties, this box PC is perfect as a display engine for your touchscreen application. 

Panel PCs:

It is often easier for customers to use a complete system for their applications, consisting of screen, touch system and PC, all packed into a single housing. INOVIS offers different alternatives as regards size, performance and protection class: From an HMI panel PC with a 5.7" display and RISC processor from CHF 600,-, to a 46" infra-red, multi-touch system with Core2 Quad Power. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further help or advice.